Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boo! Tricks & Treats

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year, so in celebration of all things creepy, crawly, dark, scary and mysterious... I'm going to do a sketch a day for the month of October. A personal challenge.

"Why should I care?" you ask... well you don't have to care at all, but it would make the exercise more fun if I have suggestions for subject matter. I'm not trying to get people to buy commissions or anything like that, I just want suggestions on what to draw this month. Maybe you have a character that you'd like to see me sketch from a favorite horror comic, book or movie. Classics to modern... whatever, basically (disclaimer: I don't do nudity or explicit sexual themes).

I can certainly come up with the ideas on my own if needs be, but it would be more fun to have suggestions and you may think of something that I don't. Obviously there can only be 31 sketches/panels so if there is an outpouring of suggestions they may not all be chosen (I want to keep this fun for me). Maybe I collect the sketches into a mini, maybe not... regardless, any participation is certainly appreciated.

How do you celebrate October/Halloween? Any traditions, stories, anecdotes, etc.?


Jack Skellington/Zero/Oogie Boogie - suggested by Adam Besenyodi
Crypt Keeper - suggested by JimN
London After Midnight - suggested by Matt H.O.W.L.
Nosferatu - suggested by Matt H.O.W.L.
Re-Animator - suggested by Wicked Cool Comics
Creature from the Black Lagoon - suggested by Atomic99
Vampirella - suggested by Zach Kruse
Zombie Muppets - suggested by Just Bill
Scooby Gang - suggested by Just Bill
Stan Winston's Pumpkinhead - suggested by Farrell
Ash - suggested by Farrell
Lock, Shock and Barrel - suggested by neenjah
Bride and Frankenstein's Monster - suggested by Torchsong
Rune - suggested by Just Bill
Prophecy: The Monster Movie - suggested by Farrell
Young Frankenstein - suggested by Truxillogical
BeetleJuice - suggested by Truxillogical
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as interpreted through Monty Python's "I'm a lumberjack" sketch - suggested by Jeffrey Brown
Cannibal Butcher - suggested by MRohacs
Anton Arcane - suggested by JBear
Cthulhu - suggested by El Dave
The Shape (Michael Myers) - suggested by ljacone
Kobra-Kai (in skeleton costumes) - suggested by Aaron Renier
Troll 2 - suggested by Liz Prince
Man-Thing in a cheap Spidey-Costume - suggested by Zack Kruse
The Worst Witch - suggested by My Sister
Friday The 13th - suggested by Jacob
The Tallman (Phantasm) - suggested by Jon Kulczar