Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Little Perspective...

Lot's of things are happening around the Jewett household these days, not the least of these (to the contrary a monumental thing in fact) being that my daughter, Lucy, turns 10 years old today... no, this is not going to be a "Man, I'm old..." entry but rather a glimpse at how beautiful a reminder it is to take every moment as the best moment of your life.

Sara and I weren't supposed to have kids... there were issues, complications... and a lot of the doctors were very careful to not get our hopes up too high. We had tried to have kids on our own for nearly 3 years and watched in silent agony as people around us got pregnant, one after another. We were convinced that God intended us to be parents but were puzzled as to why it wasn't happening for us... you can allow some pretty dark thoughts into your head during times like that, but we did our best to encourage one another and had a few key people who came alongside us to hold us accountable and lift us up when we needed it. I can say without flinching that there were many nights we cried each other to sleep. But, God...

We were given the name of a specialist in Fort Wayne and started another leg of an already incredibly humbling (and exposed) journey to have a kid of our own... privacy was the furthest thing from reality but our desire to be parents outweighed any petty embarrassment we could have felt. To put it simply... it worked. We were still "high risk" for the entire pregnancy and I admit, I often prayed myself cross-eyed pleading with God to give us the desire of our hearts and that Sara deserved this child more than any woman I had ever met.

December 16th 8:46AM... we met Lucy and our world (and yours) was forever changed for the better. We named her Lucy because we both loved the name (and I happen to love Peanuts/Charlie Brown/Charles Schulz)... but the name means, "light" we also gave her the middle name Grace, which means, "undeserved favor." Listen, I'm a selfish git... a lot of the time, I can even be completely petty when I want to be... I find myself getting wrapped up in the poor Andy nonsense more than I care to admit and my conversations with God are not always cordial... but real talk... when I can shut up long enough and look at Lucy with something akin to the eyes I used to first welcome her into this world... all I can say is... God is good, I am blessed.

Perspective is good. God is good, I am blessed.

PS... We have 4 kids now (let no one tell you that God doesn't have a sense of humor).