Friday, May 22, 2009

Medical Adventures...

I have been through a fair amount in the last few weeks... I have met with 4 doctors, been through several tests and Sara and I have been dealing with a lot of stress due to "not knowing." My last appointment with the hematologist/oncologist yielded good news that all my chemistry numbers seemed to be normal or returning to normal. I have to revisit them in a month to undergo the same blood tests again to make sure that the numbers remain as they should be.

It's strange to think that we may never know what caused all this (likely we won't)... but through the whole thing I have had so many praying for me that I certainly thank God for this happy outcome. God is called the great physician and I can't help but wonder if he operated on me according to the prayers of righteous individuals that were petitioning Him on my behalf.

I am feeling well, though still a bit tired... and as my doctor has told me, "you have the summer to get rid of that chubbiness." Thank you to those who encouraged and prayed for us during this strange time.

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