Thursday, February 4, 2010

My life as a Columnist...

Was talking to my friend, Arlene about columns while checking out one of her new writers at Wicked Cool Comics.

I was reminded that I had a column once upon a time as well, WORD... by Andy Jewett. It was a fun column, mostly a mixed bag (editorial, diy, reviews and interviews). I wonder if anyone ever actually read it... I seem to remember a couple comments on articles here and there. It was a bit sad when the site that ran the column decided to call it quits, but then again, I was never very timely with my posts (sort of like this blog *cough*).

So, for about two seconds I was a "writer." The End. You can stop reading now... sorry.


  1. How fun. It would have been cool to see :)

  2. Repost them here!
    Quit teasing us man!

  3. Oh it would take some searching, I think. I am guessing they were pretty bad, heh.