Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project Projections...

I have a couple different projects in the works at the moment... another contribution to Angry Gnome Comics' SHORT STACK (collection of 2 page horror stories), I'll be illustrating a 2-page story called, "Winter Garden" and they are letting me do the book's cover as well. Good times, scratches my horror itch.

I have been thumbnailing the bits and pieces for HipHopScotch #1 as well and while it might be unrealistic to think that the issue will be finished for 2010 I am hopeful for early 2011 (for C2E2 perhaps, CGS Supershow at the latest). I am pretty excited about what this book might be. The intention of the book is to serve as a testing ground/laboratory for story telling and art style. I really want it to be as tight as possible design-wise. I also want to add fun things to it like a letters column, fan-art submissions (once I get some fans) and maybe even occasional essays/editorials. Ideally I would love to have 2 issues out a year.

The final project is just in the discussion stages, but I am pretty excited about it. For a while now I have felt that I really needed a web series to keep my work fresh for people to see on a more consistent basis. Don't really want to say anything about it other then it will be a nice balance to the other things I am doing and (I'm hoping) will be a breath of fresh air... more fun, more funny, maybe even silly at times. We'll see. You'll know more when I know more.

I appreciate those who have asked and been interested in what I am doing these days... I am starting to get back into the swing of things... see you at a show soon. YEAH COMICS!

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