Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inspiration is exhausting...

As an artist, I'm always chasing after inspiration... the fuel that will drive a project's direction or just that thing that strikes me as absolutely needing to be created. Sometimes that can be a real struggle and at other times it can come out of left field.

Those times that inspiration seems to fall in my lap are great... when the puzzle pieces just fit and everything is working. But, more often than not, I'm searching for what the right direction to run is (maybe even forcing at times).

I'm in awe of those artist friends of mine who can see their visions so clearly and make them come to life... making it seem almost effortless, process-wise. My perfectionistic tendencies can sometimes block my ability to finish the projects I have in mind to tackle.

My job at the church has been amazing because of the need to work under tight deadlines and yet perform at a high level design wise. I have enjoyed almost complete artistic freedom here, which is totally a first (career-wise) and has been so refreshing... the only caveat being that I'm usually so creatively exhausted by the time I arrive home that the idea of spending more time on personal projects is a difficulty at best. I am ok with this at times and at other times driven almost mad by the frustration of feeling like I should be farther along as an artist than I am.

All this to say the last 2 years have included a grand amount of breakthrough artistically... maybe you will all see some of it soon... maybe.

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